Speculating On A Tethyan Belt Treasure Hunt With Mundoro Capital

I hadn’t known about Mundoro Capital for very long before the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium but my friend, fellow YouTuber and CEO.CA member, Nick The Mining Book Guy brought the company to my attention. As soon as I saw that they were focused on the Tethyan Belt, this really peaked my interest. So after several round trips past the Mundoro booth looking for the boss and a nice chat with Michael Starogiannis from IR, I finally caught up with Teo Dechev, CEO of Mundoro to talk about the Balkans as a mining region and how the company was going to execute its strategy of acquiring projects that have the ability to generate future cash. The word “Balkan” conjures images in my mind of Owen Wilson dodging sniper rounds but rest assured, this is no longer the case. I’d actually really like to go on a holiday there. There are going to be fortunes made in this region in the not too distant future and I believe Mundoro has the leadership, the location and the backing to make a podium finish. The full transcript of this interview can be found here on CEO.CA


Mundoro Capital

Mundoro on CEO.CA