Perfecting The Art Of Hard Negotiation – Mirasol Resources

Upon my regular laps around the Sprott Conference, I was pleased to find another Australian occupying Canadian territory. Stephen Nano, CEO of Mirasol Resources agreed to be interviewed by me and this was the first take, not the second, because I didn’t screw up the first and sit half way outside the camera frame, thus forcing Stephen to come into work in a suit on his day off to go over it all again. Mirasol is the gold standard when it comes to project generators. They’ve managed to maintain a super tight share structure despite the fact they’ve been listed since 2005. This was achieved by living off the fruits of their success (making and selling a discovery) instead of diluting shareholders. They have a huge portfolio of projects with a focus on Argentina and Chile. Because they stuck it out through the tough times in Argentina, they’ve now got some of the best land there. As Rick Rule points out in a super secret symposium only video, as a consequence of having so much cash and such high quality land in a hot region, the company has all the leverage when it comes to farming out properties and they’re not forced to take a bad deal. They’ve got an A grade team, an A grade following, A grade assets, A grade partners and it goes on. Stephen is really passionate about what he does and is very particular in ensuring everything is done to the highest standard. I think Mirasol is going to make shareholders very happy. Go check out the website. It’s brand spankers and has a neat explanation of the project generator business model.

The full transcript of this interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


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