Is Hot Chili’s Productora A Missing Chilean Tier 1 Copper/Gold Deposit?

Christian Easterday, the Managing Director of Hot Chili Limited was one of my last interviews of the conference. I remember this because I dragged Christian around the Fairmont trying to find a quiet place to record as I’m about as useful with a camera as tits are on a bull. I had been using a secluded room down the back of the hotel that was reserved for Sprott meetings until Rick and another gentleman walked in for a meeting and I promptly begged for forgiveness in lieu of asking for permission. The security guard was kind enough to tell me about the room at the top of the building so we took the gold plated elevator up to the 14th floor and started talking about the recent excitement in the copper market and how Hot Chili’s Productora project has the potential to grow to a Tier 1 asset. For those that aren’t aware, Chile is home to 30% of global copper production. A good place to look for more of it and the fact that Productora is not up in the High Andes but at 800m above sea level and 40km from the coast, surrounded by other mines makes it even more appealing. There is a slide in the investor presentation that I encourage you to have a geeze at that shows the surrounding deposits (they usually form in clusters at 130km spacing) making Productora perfectly placed to be a missing Tier 1. Full transcript of the interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


Hot Chili Limited

Hot Chili on CEO.CA