Callinex Mines: High Grades, Prolific Districts and Countless Catalysts

I had the chance to catch up with Max Porterfield, CEO of Callinex Mines. They’ve got a portfolio of very attractive zinc projects sporting intersections like 7.4m of 35% Zn Eq, 12.4m of 34% Zn Eq. and 19.6m of 24% Zn Eq. Those specific results were from the Big Island project that hasn’t been drilled since 1991 (yuge potential). Their projects are surrounded by other mines so the infrastructure is top notch. They’ve got proven mine finders on their team and the company is trading far below their peer group on a per pound in the ground basis, so I wont be surprised to see Callinex shoot up when the market realizes this. “Bargain” is a word i’d use to describe the company at the current price, especially when you look at the short term zinc supply picture.


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