A Ring Of Fire Land Bank Surrounded By Discoveries – Thunderstruck Resources

Right after the Sprott Symposium is Jayant Bhandari’s Capitalism and Morality Seminar. It brings together speakers and attendees from all over the globe who all share an interest in Philosophy. As a Libertarian, it was one of the highlights of my trip. A heap of new friends made and new insights/opinions to consider. When we had a spare few minutes during the seminar, I took the opportunity to speak with Bryce Bradley, the CEO of Thunderstruck Resources. I’ve known Bryce for a couple of years now. We first met at Brien Lundin’s New Orleans Investment Conference where Bryce had an exhibitor booth for Thunderstruck (Bryce and Brien are Co-founders of Thunderstruck). I took interest in the company when she told me they were focused in Fiji which is part of the “Ring Of Fire” that exists in an arc from New Zealand up and around to the bottom of South America. This is a highly mineralised area due to the volcanic and plate tectonic activity. Thunderstruck has amassed a land package that encompasses 7.5% of Veti Levu (the main island of Fiji) and they’re surrounded by other discoveries such as the Vatakoula Gold Mine (in production for 80 years with 7moz produced, 4moz remaining), Tuvatu (in development by Lion One) and Namosi (Newcrest/Mitsubishi). Anglo American has previously drilled Thunderstruck’s projects way back in the 70’s and had intersections with grades averaging 7% Zinc and 1.5% Copper so this needs to be followed up. The company’s country manager, Bill Brook, is the bloke who discovered Lion One’s Tuvatu deposit so there is no better person to be running the show on the ground. The company has some high profile, long term share holders and the share structure is exceptionally tight so it is reasonably hard to accumulate a large position in the open market at today’s prices, but the volume should increase with news-flow from the upcoming work. Thunderstruck is an exploration speculation. If they get good intercepts like that of the 70’s, it won’t be hard to attract a JV partner and this could result in a hefty re-rating. A full transcript of the interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


Thunderstruck Resources

Thunderstruck on CEO.CA