Pegmont Lead Zinc Deposit – Vendetta Mining’s Winning Ticket

I wasn’t able to catch Michael whilst I was in Vancouver and I got more requests for a Vendetta interview than I’ve had for any other company, so I got off my ass and locked down a time for us to have a chat about Vendetta Mining’s Pegmont Lead Zinc project that is located near Mt Isa in Queensland, Australia. Michael was a co-founder of Underworld Resources (bought out by Kinross Gold in 2010 for $140m) so he has the experience and past success one should be looking for in the CEO of a junior mining company. Vendetta has a huge following, a commodity in supply deficit, a project surrounded by A grade infrastructure, smelters in close proximity that need feed and a number of upcoming catalysts. One for the watch list. You can read the full transcript of the interview here at CEO.CA.


Vendetta Mining Corp

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West African Gold Exploration – Predictive Discovery

I got the chance to catch up with Paul Roberts, CEO of Predictive Discovery. Predictive is focused in West Africa with it’s principle areas of activity being in Cote D’Ivoire and Burkina Faso. They’ve got their own wavelet analysis technology called Predictore that they use to analyse regional geophysical data sets and are returning some impressive high grade drill results. You can turn the subtitles on or read the full transcript here at CEO.CA.


Predictive Discovery Website

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Majors vs Juniors – What Is Riskier? Adrian Day Explains

After missing the chance to Adrian at the Sprott Symposium and then hearing his speech “Robin Hood: Libertarian Hero or Socialist Thug” at Jayant’s Capitalism and Morality Seminar, I jumped at the chance to interview him. Adrian Day is the founder of Adrian Day Asset Management and an excellent author (I’ve read his most recent book on resource investment and I recommend you do to). We talked about the mistakes that people make when investing in the junior resource sector and the misconceptions that exist with regards to the risk of the majors vs the juniors. He also names a few of his favorite companies, both major and junior. You can find the full transcript of this interview here at CEO.CA.


Adrian Day Asset Management

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A Ring Of Fire Land Bank Surrounded By Discoveries – Thunderstruck Resources

Right after the Sprott Symposium is Jayant Bhandari’s Capitalism and Morality Seminar. It brings together speakers and attendees from all over the globe who all share an interest in Philosophy. As a Libertarian, it was one of the highlights of my trip. A heap of new friends made and new insights/opinions to consider. When we had a spare few minutes during the seminar, I took the opportunity to speak with Bryce Bradley, the CEO of Thunderstruck Resources. I’ve known Bryce for a couple of years now. We first met at Brien Lundin’s New Orleans Investment Conference where Bryce had an exhibitor booth for Thunderstruck (Bryce and Brien are Co-founders of Thunderstruck). I took interest in the company when she told me they were focused in Fiji which is part of the “Ring Of Fire” that exists in an arc from New Zealand up and around to the bottom of South America. This is a highly mineralised area due to the volcanic and plate tectonic activity. Thunderstruck has amassed a land package that encompasses 7.5% of Veti Levu (the main island of Fiji) and they’re surrounded by other discoveries such as the Vatakoula Gold Mine (in production for 80 years with 7moz produced, 4moz remaining), Tuvatu (in development by Lion One) and Namosi (Newcrest/Mitsubishi). Anglo American has previously drilled Thunderstruck’s projects way back in the 70’s and had intersections with grades averaging 7% Zinc and 1.5% Copper so this needs to be followed up. The company’s country manager, Bill Brook, is the bloke who discovered Lion One’s Tuvatu deposit so there is no better person to be running the show on the ground. The company has some high profile, long term share holders and the share structure is exceptionally tight so it is reasonably hard to accumulate a large position in the open market at today’s prices, but the volume should increase with news-flow from the upcoming work. Thunderstruck is an exploration speculation. If they get good intercepts like that of the 70’s, it won’t be hard to attract a JV partner and this could result in a hefty re-rating. A full transcript of the interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


Thunderstruck Resources

Thunderstruck on CEO.CA


Perfecting The Art Of Hard Negotiation – Mirasol Resources

Upon my regular laps around the Sprott Conference, I was pleased to find another Australian occupying Canadian territory. Stephen Nano, CEO of Mirasol Resources agreed to be interviewed by me and this was the first take, not the second, because I didn’t screw up the first and sit half way outside the camera frame, thus forcing Stephen to come into work in a suit on his day off to go over it all again. Mirasol is the gold standard when it comes to project generators. They’ve managed to maintain a super tight share structure despite the fact they’ve been listed since 2005. This was achieved by living off the fruits of their success (making and selling a discovery) instead of diluting shareholders. They have a huge portfolio of projects with a focus on Argentina and Chile. Because they stuck it out through the tough times in Argentina, they’ve now got some of the best land there. As Rick Rule points out in a super secret symposium only video, as a consequence of having so much cash and such high quality land in a hot region, the company has all the leverage when it comes to farming out properties and they’re not forced to take a bad deal. They’ve got an A grade team, an A grade following, A grade assets, A grade partners and it goes on. Stephen is really passionate about what he does and is very particular in ensuring everything is done to the highest standard. I think Mirasol is going to make shareholders very happy. Go check out the website. It’s brand spankers and has a neat explanation of the project generator business model.

The full transcript of this interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


Mirasol Resources

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Ticker: TSX.V:MRZ

Is Hot Chili’s Productora A Missing Chilean Tier 1 Copper/Gold Deposit?

Christian Easterday, the Managing Director of Hot Chili Limited was one of my last interviews of the conference. I remember this because I dragged Christian around the Fairmont trying to find a quiet place to record as I’m about as useful with a camera as tits are on a bull. I had been using a secluded room down the back of the hotel that was reserved for Sprott meetings until Rick and another gentleman walked in for a meeting and I promptly begged for forgiveness in lieu of asking for permission. The security guard was kind enough to tell me about the room at the top of the building so we took the gold plated elevator up to the 14th floor and started talking about the recent excitement in the copper market and how Hot Chili’s Productora project has the potential to grow to a Tier 1 asset. For those that aren’t aware, Chile is home to 30% of global copper production. A good place to look for more of it and the fact that Productora is not up in the High Andes but at 800m above sea level and 40km from the coast, surrounded by other mines makes it even more appealing. There is a slide in the investor presentation that I encourage you to have a geeze at that shows the surrounding deposits (they usually form in clusters at 130km spacing) making Productora perfectly placed to be a missing Tier 1. Full transcript of the interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


Hot Chili Limited

Hot Chili on CEO.CA

Speculating On A Tethyan Belt Treasure Hunt With Mundoro Capital

I hadn’t known about Mundoro Capital for very long before the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium but my friend, fellow YouTuber and CEO.CA member, Nick The Mining Book Guy brought the company to my attention. As soon as I saw that they were focused on the Tethyan Belt, this really peaked my interest. So after several round trips past the Mundoro booth looking for the boss and a nice chat with Michael Starogiannis from IR, I finally caught up with Teo Dechev, CEO of Mundoro to talk about the Balkans as a mining region and how the company was going to execute its strategy of acquiring projects that have the ability to generate future cash. The word “Balkan” conjures images in my mind of Owen Wilson dodging sniper rounds but rest assured, this is no longer the case. I’d actually really like to go on a holiday there. There are going to be fortunes made in this region in the not too distant future and I believe Mundoro has the leadership, the location and the backing to make a podium finish. The full transcript of this interview can be found here on CEO.CA


Mundoro Capital

Mundoro on CEO.CA

How You Turn Billions Of Mouths Into Broken Slot Machines: Input Capital Corp

Brad Farquhar from Input Capital Corp was one of the first exhibitors at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium that I wanted to interview. I’ve been a fan of Input for a few years now. In fact, I wrote a piece on the company back in 2015 when they had 79 canola streams and were trading well over $2 per share. Now they’ve got 303 streams and they’re at $1.90, talk about a value proposition. I like almost everything about the company. The business model, the commodity, the management, the fact the market hasn’t recognised the scalability of this business. The company plans on growing 3 to 4 times its current size over the next 5 years and I think they can achieve this given their past performance. As Brad says in the interview, not many people probably stay awake in bed at night wondering how they can get canola exposure in their portfolio…But I think, given the growth in the sector and the healthy eating trend, they probably should. The full transcript of the interview can be found here at CEO.CA.


Input Capital Corp

Input Capital on CEO.CA

Brent Cook On Where To Look For New Discoveries

Brent Cook was about to be interviewed by someone else, but by chance I bumped into him and managed to snag this short interview. He shares his thoughts on positive sentiment returning to the exploration sector, where to look for new deposits, new technology in the mining sector, countries that are opening up to mining and others that are committing economic suicide by destroying the industry.

The written transcript of this interview can be found here at CEO.CA


Exploration Insights

Brent Cook on CEO.CA


Gianni Kovacevic On The Coming Copper Bull Market

Whilst attending the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Gianni Kovacevic. Gianni is an energy industry expert and frequently delivers key note speeches around the globe on the subject. He is also the Executive Chairman and CEO of Copperbank Corp. In the interview he details the fundamentals that are driving the copper market, how oil and copper will continue to drift apart, the content of his book and how his company Copperbank is positioning itself to benefit from rising copper prices. You can find the full transcription of the interview here at CEO.CA.


Copperbank Corp Website

Gianni’s Personal Website

Copperbank Corp on CEO.CA

Doug Casey On His Newest Book and His Investment In Thunderstruck Resources

I recently attended the 2017 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Doug Casey, a man I consider to be one of my most influential mentors. Doug is a best selling author, entrepreneur and businessman. He founded Casey Research, the most successful investment newsletter publisher on the planet.

In this interview, we discuss his new book in the High Ground Series, “Drug Lord”. We also cover some philosophy, current events and last but not least, Doug’s substantial position in Thunderstruck Resources (TSX.V:AWE). Thunderstruck is junior exploration company with a gigantic land position in the highly mineralized country of Fiji. In the not too distant future, I’ll be heading to Fiji to have a look at several exciting projects, including Thunderstruck’s.


Buy Speculator and Drug Lord on the High Ground Series Website

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Thunderstruck Resources

Casey Research

If Grade Is King, Trilogy Metals Reigns Supreme

I caught up with Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, CEO of Trilogy Metals (formerly NovaCopper) to talk about Trilogy’s Arctic and Bornite deposits located in the Ambler mining district of Alaska. Arctic is the highest grade VMS deposit in the world with a 5% CuEq grade. To put this in perspective, look at the presentation slide of deposit grades (no comparison).  Trilogy’s current total resources are 222.5mt @ 2.14% CuEq containing 8 billion pounds of copper, 3 billion pounds of zinc and over 1 million ounces of gold equivalent precious metals. South32 is handing over bucket loads of cash as per the option agreement and this is being used to drill Bornite. The concentrates are high quality, the institutional shareholders (of which there are many) own over half the shares outstanding,  it’s a mining friendly jurisdiction, plenty of catalysts coming up for the rest of the year and most importantly an A class team to make it all happen. As the copper price moves (and it will, soon) these are the type of assets a major will covet.


Trilogy Metals Website

Trilogy Metals on CEO.CA


How Uranium Investors Buy Dollars With Pennies: GoviEx Uranium

I asked Daniel Major, CEO of GoviEx Uranium to come on the show and tell us about the company, their projects and their prospects going forward. GoviEx is one of the best, if not the best positioned Uranium explorer/developer (soon to be producer when the Uranium price runs). They’ve got two permitted projects (Madaouela and Mutanga) along with a highly prospective exploration property (Falea) totaling a combined resource of 200mlbs. What really appeals to me about the company is they’re trading at a fraction of their peer group. This is likely due to the Africa discount that investors seem to be applying to the company, all but forgetting the billion dollar acquisitions done in Africa during the last Uranium bull market. It’s all well and good to have a high grade Uranium deposit in Canada or Australia, but people forget how long those mines take to permit. Most of them won’t see production in the coming cycle, GoviEx on the other hand, is already talking money with the banks and will be ready for construction as soon as the market turns. If you’re looking for a Uranium play, GoviEx should be high on your list of candidates. Oh, and look at the strategic and institutional shareholders if you want to see who else has done some due diligence.


GoviEx Website

GoviEx on CEO.CA

GoviEx Video


Over 4 Kilos Per Tonne of Gold! Cordoba Minerals – Colombia’s Next Millionaire Maker

I gave Mario Stifano the CEO of Cordoba Minerals a call to talk about their San Matias copper/gold project in Colombia. The company is currently undergoing a consolidation and has just closed a $10m financing that will see them cashed up and ready to drill targets at Alacran. Cordoba has 20,000 hectares to their name with another 250,000 under application. They’re at sea level with excellent infrastructure nearby, along with other producing mines nearby. With a hit of over 4 kilos per tonne of gold, access to the best minds in the business, a district sized land package in a highly mineralized area and a majority shareholder who has a habit of finding the un-findable then selling it for the un-thinkable,  they’ve got my attention. Disclosure, I’m a shareholder.


Cordoba Minerals Website

Cordoba Minerals on CEO.CA

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Callinex Mines: High Grades, Prolific Districts and Countless Catalysts

I had the chance to catch up with Max Porterfield, CEO of Callinex Mines. They’ve got a portfolio of very attractive zinc projects sporting intersections like 7.4m of 35% Zn Eq, 12.4m of 34% Zn Eq. and 19.6m of 24% Zn Eq. Those specific results were from the Big Island project that hasn’t been drilled since 1991 (yuge potential). Their projects are surrounded by other mines so the infrastructure is top notch. They’ve got proven mine finders on their team and the company is trading far below their peer group on a per pound in the ground basis, so I wont be surprised to see Callinex shoot up when the market realizes this. “Bargain” is a word i’d use to describe the company at the current price, especially when you look at the short term zinc supply picture.


Callinex Mines Website

Callinex on CEO.CA

Sprott Natural Resource Symposium

Capitalism and Morality Seminar

Fireweed Zinc: The Coiled Spring In The Zinc Bull Market

Brandon Macdonald, the CEO of Fireweed Zinc joined me to discuss the company’s large Zinc-Lead-Silver deposits known as Tom and Jason. Fireweed has an extremely tight share structure, experienced management team, huge exploration potential and is well poised to capitalize on the coming Zinc Bull Market.


Fireweed Zinc Website

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FPX Nickel: A Contrarian Investors Dream With A Tier 1 Deposit

FPX Nickel CEO Martin Turenne joined me on the show to discuss the company’s flagship Decar Nickel project. FPX has the 2nd largest undeveloped Nickel deposit and in a period where nickel prices are very depressed, this presents an excellent contrarian investment opportunity.


FPX Nickel Website
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